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2012 30 Hour Famine



Welcome to our 30 Hour Famine fundraising page!

We are so excited to be doing our Famine this year! During the 30 Hour Famine, our youth group will actually NOT EAT for 30 hours. YES! You read that right. Teenagers? not eating... for 30 hours. Why? Because nearly 8,000 children under age 5 die every day because of hunger-related causes?that?s one child every 10 seconds. And we are NOT okay with that, we will NOT stand by while children die from lack of food.


In the time leading up to and during our 30 hours of fasting, the students are going to get a crash course in global hunger and come face to face with the realities of poverty and injustice. We will make a global impact by learning about world hunger and raising money for hungry children around the world through World Vision; a local impact by collecting food throughout Metuchen for our Church's food pantry; and making an individual impact on us when we will all get a small taste of what it is like for starving kids around the world. 


The Famine is our chance to make a difference, our chance to make hunger part of our history not our present, and our chance actually do something about hunger.  Our youth have come together and set a group goal, each $30 we raise will help feed and care for a child for a month. Check out our thermometer to see our goal. Will you help us reach our goal this year? 


Donate today in one of the following ways -

  • Donate to a team member in Room 109 during coffee hour
  • Click on MAKE A GIFT on the right hand side  to send your donation to the entire FPC Team. 
  • Click on an Individual's Name below to donate to that specific person's fundraising effort.  It will still count in the total FPC funds raised.




DON'T FORGET - The US Government will match every penny of the funds we raise.  While the match rate has not yet been announced, it will be somewhere between 2 times and 7 times the amount we raise!

Thank you for your Support!

Want to know where the money raised through the Famine goes?  Visit to learn more about 30 Hour Famine and World Vision's hunger programs.


Carl Agana $140.00
Collin Draper $250.00
Jake Issler $0.00
Laura James $135.00
Melissa Leardi $60.00
Carolynn Parisi $0.00
Team Gifts $90.00
Denotes a Team Captain